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    It is easy to dismiss a person as a backstabber, much more easier to say unto others that they were villain or victims of betrayal.

    My name is Peter, I work with an international amnesty organization with headquarters in Capernaum as at that time. Today our organization has spread all over the world, although we have challenges in some countries where the people do not want to accept our revolution.

    Our C.E.O had compassion on the poor, widows and raised help for the dead. He helped the sick, those who had diseases and severe virus. He condemned the rich who exploited the poor, especially the orphans and the widows. We granted amnesty to prisoners of traditions and legality, prisoners of demonic leadership and sorcery.

    It was a revolution against physical problems, social oppression, fear and destruction. Our Organization stood for and preached freedom. The leadership of some countries were bluntly against us. The world leaders saw us as a threat to their evil and inhumane leadership.

    I know you’re trying to decipher what kind of organization does this things, i’ll tell you. Our organization was founded by a supreme leader who was both our spiritual, political, military and intellectual leader. It would be insubordination for me to try to describe him. I will simply refer to him as the supreme leader.

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    This supreme leader, we never saw his face. If we did, we will die. He established and operated the organization through HIS son whom was the C.E.O and whom we held numerous conference meeting with. He was so bold that he led the amnesty programme himself and preached eternal freedom. Our Amnesty Organization was not profit oriented yet we never had deficit, in fact we had all the resources we needed to operate. We were not paid but we never lacked.
    I do not think there will ever be any amnesty organization like ours.

    The Chief Executive recruited 12 directors, he trained us as activist, we followed through. Myself and my brother Andrew were part of the board of directors flying to different countries of the world to fulfill our mandate.

    I (Peter) was a gregarious, natural leader, and an obvious spokesperson for the twelve. My wife travelled with me on every mission we went. I was in charge of taking the revolution to the circumcised. The C.E.O chose us all as ordinary men. The organization trained us all. But there was one particular director among us who betrayed us all and sold our leader to the world leaders.

    The Traitor: Nothing is known about his background. He joined the organization three (3) years ago, he gave his time, dedicated but he didn’t give his heart. He was committed, there was no reason to think he was anything but sincere. He was an active member of the board. He was a revolution activist, who was also medically talented. He helped shared food items when we feed 5,000 people. With his eyes, he witnessed evidences of our amnesty works.
    With his ears, he heard our CEO deliver speeches. With his feet, he followed enroute to different locations. Yet he betrayed our leader.

    Well, poor him, the leaders of the earth made relentless effort to his conscience and had it manipulated. They brainwashed him or maybe they threatened him using his integrity as a weapon. Let me remind you, Judas has been stealing from our account. We were all signatories to the account based on trust the leader had in us. Even when the C.E.O heard of his withdrawal, he looked away like he knew what Judas was up to.

    On the day, our leader was arrested, Judas was the only person absent in the conference meeting. We knew something was wrong but we couldn’t fathom what it was. Our leader said the hour was up. It was a parable. While still in meeting, the military surrounded our premises. Judas came him, we thought they arrested him until he kissed our leader, trust me you wouldn’t have suspected anything wrong. We were shown arrest warrant demanding for the immediate arrest of our leader.

    Judas looked into our eyes and sold our organization out to the government.
    Findings revealed he was paid 30 million dollars.
    I challenged him.

    “Why have you bitten the hand that fed you .?”

    Written by
    Martins A.F Adedeji


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