The Unbroken Net By Martins A.F Adedeji


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The Unbroken Net.

He was one of those seed Jesus said in his parable that fell on the rocks, they withered because they had no root.
He was in his early twenties, fresh graduate from the university. He was an intelligent youth, willing to learn, multi talented and was willing to explore life. He had prospect, vision,determination. He wanted the best of life, he had a well planned life in his head. He was just waiting to start actualizing his dreams.
He was a flirt, always ready to go down with almost anything in skirt.
Dark skinned ebony, any lady will fall for his sugar coated mouth, he just wanted to enjoy life, after all he was a young guy, wasn’t even ready for bachelorhood. Can’t a young man enjoy the exorbitance that comes with his age?. He wasn’t rich, neither was he poor. He trusted on his intelligence, his skills, his abilities. (Ò ma sé oo) what a pity?
He was the king of boys among his peers, he made count of the number of sexual escalades he had enjoyed in the past even with styles. He was a champion. He believed life was in default, you can do away with anything. He ignored karma. To him women are to be enjoyed, sex is fun, its an experience you should enjoy till marriage would come. He never had any relationship, ladies would always leave him on the account of his promiscuousness. He was a flirt, womanizer, woman wrapper. Whatever you would like to call it. He was gentle in the face, meek at heart. He was a pretender!!!


She was a young lady over eighteen but not yet twenty. She was an undergraduate. She was struggling with her studies. She had experienced numbers of heartbreak. Guys were always leaving her after sex. They saw her as a sex tool, she was only good for that. She could be easily lured into the act even though she usually regrets it. Every masculine things as she fondly called men wants to sleep with her.
After every sexual copulation, they left, she struggled to bring them back not even another invitation to sex would bring them back. She was a sex toy. The guys would always have an excuse to leave, some would say, she wasn’t beautiful, some would say she is not in their category, all sort of gibberish things came out of their mouth once they had gone in between her legs. She hated men, she swore never to date again. She became cruel and heartless.
She was a woman scorned.

It was few months to the end of his National Youth Service. He met her in Lagos during a musical concert. They met in lagos exchanged contact, talked for few days on phone, chatted into the night. He started his antics.
Hard girl, Hard girl, she fell in love, she felt he was the one, the good guy who will finally make her happy. He helped her academically, she improved, she was right, He was the one. Good guys are rare. Things were going on well.
In less than a month into the relationship. He visited somewhere close to her school in Lagos, they met, he got to her hostel. She was alone, they talked, played,watched movies and all that could be done. Just when, he was about to leave, they kissed. One thing lead to another, he got in between her legs. It was just a short stand, would have been called a one night stand, if it were a night. Just one round of sex that wasn’t up to 5 minute. She escorted him, he departed.


When he got home, he didn’t call. Very unusual. She called, he shouted!!!. He said he was tired, the journey and the traffic weakened him. She understood.
The chat reduced, the calls were no longer forth coming. Even when she called, he would become angry, she became a bone in his throat. He wanted to dump her, he didn’t want to hurt her. He regretted the sex, suddenly he realized she was dirty, had odour and wasn’t intellectually up to his standard. Guys, hmm!!!
She begged, she was ready to fit in, her friends begged, her godmother begged. He was determined. They stopped talking. She cursed and raged. He was just a wolf in the sheep’s clothing’s.

Few month later,he was done with NYSC. He noticed, he had itches around his private part. He saw a doctor. It was STD, she was the last person he had unprotected sex with. He used drugs to no avail. He tried all herbal medicine, nothing worked.
It became an embarrassment, he scratched his balls in public. He had difficulty in urinating. He consulted friends, they advised him to beg her, he did. They was no changes.


He read a book online, gave his life to Christ, met believers, started a new life. He had too many girls from his past life. He wanted them to leave without any issue like the one he got into. He was still on it. The believers were like friends, they prayed for him, checked on him. Helped him receive the holy spirit. He began to speak in tongues. It was real. He felt relieved. He was becoming a better version. one night after the prayer session. He opened up his case to a sister in the church. She prayed with him, spoke in tongues. She quoted John 21:11.
“Simon peter went up,and drew
the net to the land full of
great fishes,and hundred and
fifty and three: and for all
there were so many,yet was not
the net broken”.
He believed, his faith was strong, everyone was testifying. He hungered for testimony. He wanted to be free from STD and whatever bondage, she put him.

He woke up the next day, anxiously like a child checking his balls. The rashes were gone, the itching was stopped. There was no difficulty in urinating. His skin was as smooth and fresh like a baby. He was fine.
Glory, Hallelujah.
He was free. He was the Unbroken Net.

Martins A.F Adedeji
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