The Family Doctor By Martins A.F Adedeji


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The Family Doctor
(Mark 5:25-34)

Many at times, a lot of us use the phrase “family doctor” to ascertain that we have a medical practitioner devoted to our comprehensive personal health care.

Albeit,I want to share you a little testimony that change my life. I am a gentile,a native of Caesarea Philippi. For over 12 years, i have suffered pains from this sickness that has rendered me bankrupt for years.This disease was a chronic hemorrhage.

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I wasn’t born this way, in the last twelve years. The disease causes unexplained fatique and weight loss. This blood disorders are conditions that impact the blood’s ability to function correctly. It decreases the number of cells,proteins,platelets or nutrients in the bloodstream.
It usually begins forming several days or weeks after bleeding initially starts.Doctors, Health expert keep using different grammar to define my ailment. I have ran numbers of scan, been to different hospitals.

I have found no relief from physicians, spent all my fortune, selling properties and emptied my treasury but rather the disease got worse.
I had no need than to get adequate treatment or vaccine that could cure me. It was so bad, I was becoming a shadow of myself.
This sickness made me stink, blood kept gushing out like menstrual flow out of me. It embarrassed me, it could come at anytime. It has rendered me poor, I can no longer afford hospital bills. The general hospital insisted I have to pay bed fee for every night I spent in the state specialist diagonitic centre.

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Need I say this, I was neglected by my families and close friends as everyone had given up on me. They were all waiting for me to pack up. Death was the only remedy they had for me. No man was willing to marry me, even if any man would desire to do so out of faith, his family would reject me. Who wants to marry a sick woman?
Family and friends. No
Marriage or Marital affairs. No
The worst of it all, my situation subjected me to heavy stigmatization and embarrassment. I was not welcomed in any religious gathering not to mention social gathering.
For twelve years, I was subjected to free flow of unexpectant blood in form of menstruation that rendered me spiritually unclean according to the law of Moses.
The good people around me advised me to be quietly in my home waiting for death. There was no hope for me to live a normal life.

Few days ago, I heard of an Oracle of God by the name Pastor Emmanuel. The man held crusade at Capernaum, Jerusalem, Judaea, Idumea, beyond Jordan from Tyre to Sidon. He held crusades filled to the brim at all location. Some say he was an evangelist that he took over from Evang. John(the baptist).
Some said he was a man of authority casting our unclean spirit, demons and legions. On the said day,this man was escorted by the multitude following him. He was headed to the house of Jarius, a government official working at the Secretariat in synagogue.

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If Jarius, an influential man in the Secretariat can prostrate to beg this Oracle of God, who am I?
I was in the crowd, trying to reach him, I wanted to get his attention. I wanted to throw myself at his feet, state my complaint but the crowd was just too much. It was as if, they just let fans out of Wembley. The crowd was too much. Somehow I tried to get close to him until I was two meters to him. My window of opportunity was closing quickly and what little hope that remained was fading.
He was surrounded by other servants in the ministry, I later got to know,they were his disciples.
Two meters from him was the best I could do, I was smelling, tired and extremely weak. I said to myself, “If I can put a finger on his clothes, I can get well.” It was a risky decision. I reached for his clothes. My hands touched the hem of his clothings.

Immediately I felt shock,his clothes reacted like electric current moving from his clothes to my body through my hand. It was as if something heavy was taken out of me. My vagina ceased to be wet of blood, the smell stopped. The abdominal pain stopped. The worms in my stomach began to jump like cherubims shouting hossana. A miracle has been done. I was made whole. The disease of long standing yet was swiftly healed, for as soon as i touched the hem of His garment, “straight-way the fountain of her blood was dried up.

As soon as I touched him, he felt virtue left him. The Oracle of God stooped walking. The crowd stopped too.He turned around and asked “who touched me?”. How did he know I touched him? Ah,this man is indeed a man of God. One of his co pastors, Peter( I heard his name) looked at him and said rhetorically “you’re in the midst of a crowd, how will you identify who touched you”.
At that point, I had no choice but to come out plain, first to thank him, secondly to asked forgiveness for touching him without his consent and also to testify to the crowd the miracle I just experienced. I knew I was not the only one that touched him, a lot of people did but my own touch brought out virtue from him, power aligned with my belief and gave me result.

I publicly but shylishly stated my confession. He looked at me and said “Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.”
Me daughter, that was daring of him. He spoke to me like he knew me.That was an invitation to friendship and adoption. He recognized me as his own. That was how I recognized him as my family doctor. He was my own physician.

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I admitted that day that it was His spirit who drew me to him.The Man carries a spirit that becoans people to him thereby causing miracle. There was hardly any crusade he attended without miracles.

I acknowledged the words of the lyricist.
There is a fountain that I see
Filled with blood drawn from Emmanuels vein
The sinners, sinners plunged beneath that blood
Lose all their guilty stains.
Since then I have become an advent follower of Pastor Emmanuel.
He was not just an Oracle, He was the Son of God.
I heard the voice of Emmanuel as He called me into healing and thus i was determined not to be enslaved by my physical health condition.

All earthly doctors ceased to be my family doctor, He “Emmanuel” became my adopted Family Doctor.
Many will seek Jesus, reach for him, they would be like the crowd, he would minister to them but only those who reach for him will be made “whole”.
If he seeks you, he will heal you but if you seek him. You’re made ” whole“` “.

Martins A.F Adedeji

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