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    Don’t blame me.
    I feel bad right now, I feel like a used tool even though I was caught in a msunery situation.
    I was held in between upholding the law of the Jews and following my instinct.

    Permit me to introduce myself, my name is Pontius Pilate. I was the fifth governor of the Roman province of Judaea, serving under Emperor Tiberius from 26/27 to 36/37 CE. I was born in Rome, italy and a writer of many books; popular of them is my first book Gestia Pilati. As a Governor, I was also the Chief judge, I had power to hear appellate cases. My pavement known as court was the supreme court and office of the governor. I was only accountable to the Emperor Tiberius.

    On the said day, my secretary called my attention that the court had sat and the Pharisees who were more or less members of the jury were all in appearance. This man Jesus whose case was brought before me, was well known to me. He was a popular man who had started a revolution against Herod and the government of the earth.

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    However, i arguably had a great deal of power, why would i send a guilty man based on law to his death? Even though i appear to ignore my conscience,you wouldn’t the act of doing so hound me nearly to my own death, knowing i condemned a sinless man to die?There were different reasons why I had to give in to their demand to order the execution of Jesus.

    First, this man Jesus was convicted with a criminal offence of treason. He was denied a counsel as no one dared defend him publicly. All prosecution was done by the Jewish leaders. Their witnesses was led by Ceiphas the priest who insisted that Jesus claimed to be the king of the Jews. At that point, I was weak, i knew prophet Isaiah have spoken about this man and I’ve read about him. All testimonies of his miracles proved to me beyond doubt that he was truly the son of God, but if I had said that, I would be declared Caesar’s enemy and that was an impeachable offence followed by murder. Call me a coward, I don’t think anyone had the nerve to acquit him.

    Furthermore,the man Jesus case set a bad precedence that I was part of. A convicted armed robber Barnabas whose judgement I was supposed to read that day was joined with Jesus and the jury played me, I was made to give up Jesus alongside Barnabas as a substitute to grant the bail of Barnabas. The jury has decided and the public has been manipulated. My court, the pavement was taken away from me, I became a figure head governor, the jury were the cabal. Caesar was their cover. They did all that to outsmart me when they saw that I was trying to be procedural. I was on check mate.

    In conclusion, i was a Roman. We don’t really concern ourselves in the affairs of the Jews, unless we were leading a revolt or uprising against Rome. Jesus made it clear he was not here to abolish Rome. So logically it was not my case, I was only granted jurisdiction over this case because I was the chief judge and governor.

    Guess what they demanded that Jesus be executed by crucifixion which was a roman way of execution. They exclaimed “the blood should be upon us and our children”. It set a bad precedence that Jesus was the first to be crucified in Nazareth.
    Do you now see why I watched my hands?

    The moment I washed my hands, I exempted myself from their evil act. I was an instrument for them, I was bounded by Caesar’s and Jewish law. Till date, my name still appears in the apostle creed as one who executed Jesus but I’m saved for Jesus said all this happened that what was written of prophet Isaiah may come to pass.

    I have washed and I’m saved.
    Are you washed?

    Martins A F Adedeji.


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