The Burning Bush by Martins A.F Adedeji

    The Burning Bush by Martins A.F Adedeji |

    It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, this was about eight years ago. I was in senior secondary school two, about sixteen years old then.
    It was about five minutes past seven am. I had missed my school bus that morning and I was left with the option of going to school that morning via public transport.

    As I walked briskly to the community junction where I would take a bike to school. My school was adjacent the main express road. I was walking so fast just so I could get a bike, zoom off and avoid been late.

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    On my way to the community juncture, I met this angelic creature in feminine human form before me. She was the one, the Simi that lives down my street. The girl I have always crushed on but I have never been opportuned to talk to her. It felt like time stood still and I was wrapped in bliss. I wanted nothing more than to talk to her, at least to get her attention. She was what Solomon described in songs of Solomon chapter 4 as the woman of beauty. Her eyes behind her veil are like doves, teeth are white like newly sheared sheep just coming from their bath. Each one of her teeth has a twin, and none of them is missing, set of white tooth shining as white as snow. Her lips are like red silk thread,and her mouth is lovely. Her cheeks like slices of a pomegranate. Though she has long neck like David’s tower. She was a beautiful bottle of wine not cocacola shape.

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    Dear reader, I was covetous and lustful, I was just a young boy who wanted more than friendship and beyond the veils of crush. I liked her complexion, flawless, perfectly what any sane man would fall for. She thrilled my eyes with one look of her glance. ”Chai”, Simi smelled like fragrance. The time ceased to stand still anymore, I knew I was going to be late for school. So I ran up to her, even though her school was not far, the new school in the community.

    I was feeling myself so I was like “Hi what’s up, my name is Martins. Can I meet you?” Fam, she snubbed me and walked away. Ah! Me a whole me Martins, this babe must be joking. I was left standing there. Shamefully I walked away, took bike and went to school. The embarrassment I received that day could not make me concentrate in school.

    After that scenario, I changed my route, I began to drop from school bus in front of her aunt’s shop in the afternoon so I could always see her in the afternoon. Days turned to weeks,weeks to months. She gave me audience, we became friends. I became free with her, calls, text, chat. I visited her once a while, with the motive that we could end up dating. I got admission, left the hood to school. We were still friends.

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    I wanted a relationship with her, she wanted to draw me closer to God. She was a strict Pentecostal. It was the first time, I ever heard about being born again. She was not really going to convert me. She just wanted me to maintain morals and behave like a Christian. Now when we communicated, there was something calming and familiar about her. I am not really into metaphysical constructs but something in the pit of my mind kept telling me there is something special about her, perhaps she might even be the one.

    Like Moses, this was the trap. I wanted to date her, she revealed God to me. Moses wanted to unveil the mystery of a burning bush. He ended up becoming a leader of the Israelite. Thank you Simi, you were the Burning bush in disguise.It was a meeting orchestrated by God. According to Pastor Tunmise Apara on his page “God still draws men and he is creative at it. Do not give up on anyone. For some, it is a burning bush, for others a bright light on the way to Damascus. For many more, it is through the ministry of Philip’s who would join themselves to your chariot”.

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    God is creative. We also must be creative in reaching the lost. Enough of rigid patterns we follow in reaching the lost. Not every one will be in the market, many do not take public transports, and your morning cry might not even wake a man who can sleep comfortably during a match at Wembley stadium.

    We must be creative with Evangelism. Perhaps, there are many like me.

    Share your ‘burning bush’ experience. I’ll love to read.

    Martins A F Adedeji

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