Plagues by Martins A.F Adedeji 2020

    Plagues by Martins A.F Adedeji 2020 |

    The date is 1446 BC.
    Hospitals have become the war zones, health workers are the warriors battling the invisible pandemic disease. My name is Chabad, i work in the state house palace hospital here in Memphis (former capital of Egypt before it was moved to Cairo). I work as an health worker.

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    It has been over a month now, the country has been hit with the most dangerous set of diseases, strange occurrences, pestilences and death. It was called Plague. That was my first time of hearing such. The government headed by the supreme Monarch Pharaoh and his cabinet of ministers and advicer seems to clueless and confused. Nothing was working, this pandemic killed, deformed and depopulated the country. Sometimes like this about few years ago, I was in high school, when famine struck the country, the prime minister Joseph did amazingly well managing the foodbank and saving the country from economic meltdown and foreseeable recession. We wished he was here. However, rumours had it that the God of the Israeli slaves was responsible for invoking this plagues on us.

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    Our king, the supreme monarch leader, Pharaoh the third will not allow them leave. Even I, would not have agreed to that, we the Egyptians were building our modern economy, industrialization and all we were demanding for them was to forcefully work on our pyramids, artifacts architecture, agricultural settlememts so that we can lead the world economy after all they are foreigners on our land. Pharoah was stubborn I know. He would not let them go.

    The spokesman and leader of the Israeli slaves Moses had claimed their God were responsible for all the plagues. Ah! ah!. Alaye do not be fooled by religious deception. Our expert scientists, micro biologist and researchers had confidently told us that there was nothing like a plague on Egypt. They were just results of volcanic eruption. Brilliant, we exclaimed shunning Moses advice that we should release the Israelite. To us they were trying manipulate the situation so we could release them.

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    The volcanic eruption theory according to the department of research, science and technology in Memphis stated that the plagues were really the fallout of volcanic eruption on the neighbouring island close to the southern part of Egypt. One of the researchers, a Microbiologist also posited that winds would have carried the volcanic ash to Egypt at some point over the summer, and the toxic acids in the volcanic ash would have included the mineral cinnabar, which could have been capable of turning a river a blood-like red color. Brilliant is it not? And the activist Heroic Moses was claiming their God was in anger. I laughed considering that the blood-like red colored water was just for a while, each household managed 5 gallons of water from the dam till the river supplying the water corporation returned to normal. A veterinary expert proved to us that the accumulated acidity in the water would have caused frogs to leap out and search for clean water. Insects would have burrowed eggs in the bodies of dead animals and human survivors, which generated larvae and then adult insects. This also explains how the grass would have been contaminated, poisoning the animals that ate it. The humidity from the rain and the subsequent hail would have created optimal conditions for locusts to thrive. Simple human reasoning ooo, but one bold Moses wants us to believe as he will always say it. “Pharoah, let my people go, that they may serve me…, This wrath is from Jehovah God…”. Nonsense, talking in the rubbish.

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    Medical experts with PhD’s in virology established that the volcanic ash in the atmosphere would have affected the weather, with acid rain landing on people’s skin, which in turn caused boils. Though I had boils too, it was not nice but I surely believed them, in fact we worked tirelessly searching for vaccines to cure the boils. Astronaut gave us a warning prior to the darkness that overcame the country that there could be a possible eclipse. Later, we experienced it. Volcanic eruptions were responsible for the several days of darkness.
    Science and technology explained 9 plagues.
    The one that hit me most, and made me doubt for a second the validity and genuineness of the graven gods we served was when the chief of the high priest said it was the gods who killed all our first borns to be appeased against the plagues.

    Ah, I was mad and angry, if not that idol worshiping was a national religion. I coveted the God of the Israelite, their own first born did not die, in fact most of the plagues was directed at us not them.

    Need I say more, the first plague lasted for seven days (Ex 7:25), the ninth lasted for three days (Ex 10:21-23), and the tenth was for one night, beginning at midnight (Ex 12:29-31).The Israeli slaves were somehow exempted. This can not be. That was the event that made me believe their God El-Shaddai existed.

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    PN: Humans believe science and technology is the opposite of the metaphysical. Anything that cannot he explained spiritually will be explained based on science. Plagues exist as God’s punishment. The same way we give scientific meaning to corona virus was the same the Egyptians were assumed to have done.
    2 chronicles 7:14
    “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land”

    Martins A F Adedeji

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