Loruhamah(undying love) by Martins AF Adedeji


    It is a story of rejection, love, betrayal, power and whatever you can call it.
    It all started August 26th 2017, It was my convocation from the university. My parents were proud of me, I graduated among the top notch in my class. I was the first son of my parent and much of a nerd from childhood. I have always been the indoor type, full time introvert. I was a staunch believer of Christ. I was what the Yoruba people would tag ” the boy is good, àpà lón jèbè”. I was just that good boy that was not yet exposed to the social vices trending in fact I was such a good boy that I was becoming a dunce.

    My friends would usually say ” bobo yii o ja”, meaning “this guy is not exposed”. Before I forget, my mum said now that you are a graduate, in few years time, you will start keeping relationship and preparing to be a man. She said it jokingly but I caught the message she was trying to pass.

    As soon as I got back home, stupid me, I was not even so bothered about youth service. I just wanted to get a girlfriend, I wanted to feel among, I wanted to be exposed and prove to my friends that they were wrong. I realized the first part of the project was to stop being an indoor person. I stepped up my game, I started paying attention to my wears, my looks, the way I talk, act and do things in public. I made a lot of female friends because my mind was focused on getting a girlfriend so my body acted like a magnet bringing every potential girl close to me.

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    It was my job to select and say no she’s the one or not. In the process of doing the selection. I met Gomer, the daughter of Diblaim a wealthy man. I told her of my search for a girlfriend, we laughed over it and became friends. Days turned weeks, weeks into months. I was in love with Gomer. She meant everything to me. She was my best friend, my heart desire and anything love can offer a person.

    I was the lover, she was the beloved. The early days of our relationship was beautiful as our love began to blossom. She became the part of me, she was everything about me, I fought friends and families to be with her. I was in love like a child taking firm possession of its mother’s breast. There were night, we would not sleep, calling and chatting and texting till daybreak.

    I could hardly stay 24 hours without seeing her. If I do not hear from her for a day, I would become weak and if it persist, I could become sick. My pals who claimed I was not exposed called my attention to thread carefully but I claimed they were just being jealous. As far as I was concerned, she was my pulchritudinous. We already planned our life from those days to the moment of marriage, child birth till death. We lived like we were married.

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    We sang and composed love poems, quote and songs for each other. I had a book for writing love lyrics from popular artiste. You wouldn’t need an oracle to tell you, I was in love, dangerously in love.

    The more i got deeper in love, the more I was assured of a long lasting relationship. I was convinced that the relationship was better than ever and that it would brighten my life. There were no lustful things like kissing, sex or things of all sort. It was a believer’s kind of relationship.

    This dynasty began to crumble when I finally left for service. We struggled to communicate even though I had earlier a made promise never to leave her lonely. Later, I began to hear rumour of her cheating, with a new guy. I took them all on deaf ears with the assumptions that they were just rumours. Rumours, they say have an epitome of truth. I noticed a change in Gomer. She became restless and unhappy, like a bird trapped in a cage, she started acting in really strange wild ways, she was no longer picking my calls, my chat became boring to her, my text were never replied.

    The new guy like a plague have eaten deep into her. I tried to apologize, show her affection, care more, love more just to win her, I wanted her to return back to me but Gomer seemed less and less interested in me. In fact, she may have grown to resent me. She even accused me of abandoning her and relying on that as an evidence to leave. I gave her an assurance of my eternal presence. The more I did all this, the more she became interested in the other guy, she spent more and more time away from me.

    I missed her a lot because we had a lot in common, even our friends could not help bring back the two world together. This disinterest continued and I was subject to unrelieved agony because of her, my friends and families turned their back against me. Gomer’s absence from my life grew more, I began to feel her lack of love for me, it left some pangs of hatred for other ladies. I could not move on, I just treated every other girl like a tool. I was passionate about this one particular lady amidst the numerous ladies I could lay my hands upon. I laid awake at night and wrestled with fears. I worked with a heavy heart during the day. My suspicion of her unfaithfulness was confirmed when I saw Gomer and her new guy and he said it to my face, she was his girlfriend.

    I pleaded with Gomer to come back, if it was a test I was ready to let go and continue with her. I even threatened to avoid her and block her permanently but still she ran off with her lover because he promised to give her whatsoever and I could not and they also had a covenant. I tried to stop her on several occasion , but she continued to seek his company. I would take her back in loving forgiveness and we would try again. But her repentance would be short-lived and soon she would be off again with her new lover.

    Then the final blow fell. Maybe it was a note, “Hosea it is not that I do not love you but my heart is with someone else…I do not know what he has given me to eat but i really do love him.” Afterwards she sent another one saying “Please I am begging, hand me over to him… I have tried to ignore him but I can not cope without him”

    Ah! I have suffered. I loved her deeply and grieved for her as though I lost a good thing. My heart ached that she had chosen a life that would surely bring her to ruin. I felt like I should be angered, I wept but no instead, I longed for her and wanted her to come back to me.
    What I had for her was an undying love.
    I want to see her restored to me as my faithful bride. I cannot give up on her. I was driven by that indestructible divine love, love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love that never ends. I am still crying, waiting that one day no matter how far, before rapture comes. She would remember me and come back home.
    I will be more than willing to take her into my arms.
    My name is Hosea, this is my story.

    Note: This is the story of Hosea and Gomer the prostitute. No matter our sins, God is ever willing to forgive us and take us into his arms. He has not condemned you no matter what we do. He still wants us. A shepherd goeth after that one lost sheep.
    (Hosea chapter 1-end)

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