Condemnation by Martins A.F Adedeji

    Condemnation by Martins A.F Adedeji |

    “`The Courtroom was silent, the people were mute, tears rolled down my eyes. I just got acquited of a criminal offence. All circumstantial evidence and witnesses against me proved beyond doubt that I was quilty. The court reporters were waiting to listen to me. The prosecuting counsel could not believe she lost the case. My case would set a new precedence in the judicial history of this country.

    My name is Paul and this is my story:
    I grew up a nerd, the kind of guy you would bet could not hurt a fly, I was a total introvert, the kind of young boy that had a wonderful prospect ahead of him. I had my life planned at 10. I told myself by so so age I should achieve this and that thing. I was not much of a bookworm, I just could not afford to fail, I was an average student. My parents especially my dad was the type who was strict with kids and believed so much in education and God. The man imposed Christianity on us just the same way our holidays fun depended on our session result. I basically attended church service because it was compulsory, the same way I read books because my dad says “education will open ways for us” I’m still expecting that way though.

    Morally, I was not the good boy but I had to do the right thing not because I feared the Lord or respected my parent. I was morally upright because I had home training and the lashes I received for every offence I committed made me seem like the better child. I got my breakthrough when I finished secondary school and I gained admission into the university. Man, the real life was defined, I did not get into the kind of hands my parents would have been proud of.

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    In my first year, the genesis of my criminal life, I moved in as a freshman with a final year student, he was the ‘gees of the gees’. This bro could afford basically almost anything. He taught me how I could lie about my tuition fee. That was the first time, I had to really lie. I thought about it for weeks before I could muster the confidence to lie. Within a short time, I was an expert in the field of lying, I lied about basically everything to extort my poor parents and defraud them. I had excess money to spend on luxuries.

    I graduated from that and started rolling with the man guys on campus. I wanted to keep enjoying my luxury life and my academic performance. I was told that the best way to have retentive memory was to smoke. “Ah! Smoke ke, I can not do that one”, the response I got was that I should be ready to gather as much carryover I can because I was definitely going to fail.

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    I joined, started rolling blunts, I became an addict, i was not smoking cigarette, I was smoking Indian hemp, marijuana. Funny though, it worked I did not know how I passed my exams. I became the supply head of my gang of friends. Drinking alcohol was like water to me, I could recollect, I was nicknamed ” brewery”.
    I could smoke or drink anything that could get me high.

    By the time, I was in my 2nd year in school, I became a sort of gangster in the school.
    Cultists were my friends, I supplied them hard drugs, helped them with assignment maybe because I was brilliant. They in turn protected me on campus and gave me an honorary membership among them. The fraternity influence I enjoyed gave me an upper hand on campus, I had access to woo any lady of my choice, date and have sexual escapades. The girls who would try to be stubborn were either dealt with or raped.

    I lived a double life, a nerd at home, a gangster in school. I was becoming an unstoppable monster, the kind of guy your parents would advise you to be friends with without knowing the evil thought that brew in me daily. In my third year, I was no longer going to classes, I skipped lectures and stabbed tutorials, finance was not coming through, I would not know if bankrupt is the right word to use but the truth is I have always lived on fraudulent money. I joined another gang that seemed to have wonderful prospect, they drove exotic cars, lived in big mansions that could not be compared to my bunk hostel. Like Oliver, I wanted more.

    I joined them, I became the rave of the moment. I lodged in hotels and toured places my bank account could not afford. My assignment for the gang was to deliver packages to clients at different locations. The devil was bringing me closer to my end, the serpent tempted me with more. I wanted more, I wanted to own my own cars, houses and become a lord of my own.
    I spoke to some of the members of the gang. They introduced me to an herbalist whose work was to fortify me. I dined with the devil, slept in coffins for days, carried sacrifices to T-junctions seeking powers that would fortify me. After the whole process, I was welcomed into a cocaine dealing and kidnap gang.

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    On the day of my first operation with the gang, we prepared, five of us in numbers ready to attack the highway, rob and kidnap people.
    It was as if I brought bad luck to the gang, the first vehicle we stopped was an Oracle of God. We shot at the vehicle, it stopped, windscreen shattered, driver dead but the man sat comfortably at the owners seat. We dragged him out and was escaping away into bush with him, he was smiling, he stared at me. I slapped him, hit him with my gun. He wept and looked at me. The police came, shot at us, 3 members of the gang died instantly the other died of gunshot injury some hours later. I was handcuffed, arrested and taken to the prison. Before I was driven away, the man looked at me in the eye and said I would come for you.

    Since then, I did not see him. He was not even part of the prosecution’s witnesses, he just disappeared. After three years in prison. I met a friend John Zachariah, he led me to Christ. During the trial, the prosecuting counsel Lucifer listed fourteen charges against me; evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, hypocrisy, covetousness, wickedness, deceitfulness, sensuality, envy, slander, pride and foolishness. I was guilty of all charges but someone appeared for me, he said he was Jesus Christ. He was not even a SAN, he claimed all charges against me were not committed by me but thus I should be discharged and acquitted. The prosecutor raged, called witnesses to testify against me, they presented evidences. I was guilty, a condemned criminal yet this man fought tireleslly for me. Today, the supreme court having heard my appeal set me free.
    The presiding Judge in his judgement quoted the section of the constitution, Romans 2:1-29: Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judge. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. We know that the judgment of God rightly falls on those who practice such things. Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God? Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance? But because of your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed. … He further stated that according to the criminal code in section psalm 103:10 saying: He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities.

    In his final judgement, the defence was: There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. For God has done what the law, weakened by the flesh, could not do.
    I was discharged and acquitted.“`

    Martins A.F Adedeji

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