BEYOND SURVIVAL By Martins A.F Adedeji


    Humanity is busy writing the last chapters of our earthly existence with the terrible happenings in the world these days.

    I woke up to a new day without even knowing it is June already. WhatsApp statuses and social media uploads made me realize JUNE is here.
    Basically, I have been sleeping on it since I lost my phone (fam I sold it to feed).

    First, we were debating on either opening our economy so we would not starve just because we want to stay home and safe from the virus. You will agree with me that crime has increased drastically due to this pandemic stay at home rule. Economy experts are saying if we continue to stay home, the economy may collapse.

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    Many nations will have to look into their foreign reserves. So what happens when the reserve is over? Medical experts are saying if we decide to risk going back to work, getting back on the economy, we may lose our lives. Dear readers, we are on check. It is like the bodies fighting us already got us. Our intelligence are likely to fail us.

    In India, it is not just about the virus, the cities are empty because of the invasion of locust. Corona virus is killing humans and animals, perhaps all mammals but this locust plants are not safe. India is gearing up for what could be one of its worst locust invasions in decades.

    And then, George Floyd. Yeah, if you do not know who George Floyd is by now. I do not know what to say to you. American cities are on standstill with heavy protest in relation to the death of black American George Floyd. Floyd was murdered by Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin in broad day light by kneeing on the victims neck, causing Floyd to die of asphyxia (lack of oxygen due to inability to breathe). This is not the first time, we will be saying no to racism but it seems the people are tired and have resulted to violence. Violence has a loud voice.

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    In America, it is rascism. In Nigeria, it is tribalism or religious intolerance. Funny thing is we will not ever protest in Nigeria against police brutality or rape. We are best known as keypad warriors. Even if we try to protest, it will become another brutality. Matter jam matter.

    Still on the matter, because the matter is trending. A 16 year old girl identied as Tina was shot dead by a drunk police officer in Lagos and another young lady, a 22 year old University of Benin undergraduate was raped to death in a church. Sometimes I just ask myself, why is all this happening now? Let me not talk about the number of people that have lost their jobs. The rate of unemployment hitting Nigeria and the world is something else. A lot of people will resort to crime.

    Can we just have one or two good news in the world right now? It sucks to wake up every day to bad news. The only good news now is Federal Government of Nigeria has reduced the price of fuel.

    I’m out of here till… I do not know when next.

    Martins Adedeji

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